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Tor onion site

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Tor onion site
Pijus Jauniškis in Entertainment2022, January 26 · 7 min readWhat to know before exploring dark web linksBefore you tor start, let’s go through your dark web checklist real quick:You need a Tor onion browser. Luckily for you, The Tor Project (they maintain the network’s technological base) has one ready to download.Be careful. Keep in mind that the anonymity of гидра the Tor network makes it a haven for criminals and hackers. A few things to keep in mind:You have to be careful when entering any dark web link. Before entering the Tor network, shut down most other programs or apps. Download and use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for added security. Don’t forget there are hidden pages. Surfing Tor isn’t easy. Aside from being isolated from the everyday internet, most of the Tor network isn’t indexed, rendering it invisible to search engines. In essence, the network is populated by hidden websites. Yes, search engines exist on Tor, but their reliability is questionable. DataProt, a website dedicated to advising on cybersecurity, has a great looking infographic explaining how Tor works. Tor sometimes has websites made exclusively for the network. These usually come as onion links with the “.onion” domain. To find the best dark web links on Tor, you have to use a website list – just like the one below. Here are ten cool dark web links to paste into your Tor browser today!The Hidden Wiki is usually presented as your one-stop-shop for dark web links. That’s not the case. Many of the links present in The Hidden Wiki are of dubious (if not criminal) nature. Many more don’t work. As far as resources go, it’s somewhat useless. Which is why we recommend Daniel.Daniel’s website lists 7,000.onion addresses. They are separated into several categories to make browsing easier. Moreover, Daniel’s site has an in-built test functionality. This means you can have the website check if any given Tor website is online. The list shows the last time a website was checked and whether it was online. This makes Daniel’s website an excellent first step in exploring Tor.ProPublica is an investigative journalism outfit. Their 2016 reporting on sexual abuse won the Pulitzer Prize that year. ProPublica is accessible on the “clearnet” – that is, the regular internet you’re using right now. Yet it also maintains a Tor website. Accessing it via a Tor browser gives you a layer of anonymity and security, as well as allows you to bypass country blocks. As a bonus, ProPublica is one of the most polished web experiences you’ll have on the dark web. It’s also not the only one to have a dark web link: you can also use Tor to read The New York Times and other news sites or use their SecureDrop integration for whistleblowing purposes.3. Ahmia – for those who want a Tor search engine http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion I still maintain that going into Tor without having dark web links already in your hand is a fool’s errand. But some people insist on search engines, and several Tor engines do exist. I’m going to recommend Ahmia. While it’s hard to tell which engine works the best, Ahmia presents itself as a hidden service search engine, and that’s what it does. It also works to remove child abuse content from their search results, which is both the morally right thing to do and a good service for those who want to trawl the dark web.4. DuckDuckGo – search the clearnet securely and without trackinghttps://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion Google collects a lot of your information. Its search results tend to be biased. DuckDuckGo, however, was built on the idea of not collecting user data. The results that this search engine shows you are always neutral. It’s similar to the Surfshark Search feature offered by Surfshark. You’re most likely to find DuckDuckGo useful outside of the dark web. Indeed, it doesn’t search for Tor websites. This is a bit of a bummer since the popular Tor search engines are all ugly and uncomfortable to use. DuckDuckGo has a presentation similar to Google. And unlike the Tor search engines, it won’t lead you to quite so many illegal websites after a simple search.5. Riseup – tools for activists and organizershttp://nzh3fv6jc6jskki3.onionRiseup provides email and chat services that keep no records of your activity. It is also protected from malicious attacks. It also has no intention of cooperating with any government – unlike, say, Google. Riseup supports the causes of “human liberation, the ethical treatment of animals, and ecological sustainability.” That’s why Riseup also provides organizational tools, mailing lists, and more. However, knowing the dark web link isn’t enough – you need an invitation code to create a Riseup account. But you can still browse the security section! It has excellent tips on how to add a dash of information security to your daily life.6. Hidden Answers – ask what you want in anonymityhttp://answerszuvs3gg2l64e6hmnryudl5zg
rmwm3vh65hzszdghblddvfiqd.onion Hidden Answers is one of those dark web links that keep making their way onto these lists. The reason for that is simple. Hidden Answers is the dark web version of Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit. Once you access the site, you’ll soon notice that the questions on Hidden Answers touch upon a variety of topics. When people have the ultimate anonymity the internet can offer, they still ask where your nickname comes from – or would you have your head cryo-frozen after death.7. Tor Metrics – explore the statistics of the dark webhttp://rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion The dark web is a curious subject: it’s not that easy to use, and it seems to be popular among shady people. But what if we put all that activity into numbers?Tor Metrics is the website that measures who and where uses the network. Surprisingly enough, about 20% of daily users come from Russia. The US is in second place, with around 18% of the share. Aside from revealing just how widely not-used Tor is (data suggests barely more than 1.5 million daily users), you can also see the scope of the network. Metrics record slightly more than 60,000 unique.onion addresses.We already established that many of the dark web links you find on link aggregators are offline. Thus, it paints a picture of the tiny world of Tor websites.8. ZeroBin – the secure way to share your pasteshttp://zerobinqmdqd236y.onion Just like clearnet, Tor has its utility websites. ZeroBin is one of them. If you use the Tor network regularly, you will want a way to share stuff with your dark web friends. ZeroBin allows you to do that with complete safety and privacy. One of its selling points is that even ZeroBin servers don’t know what you pasted. The data encryption takes place on your browser before it goes to the server. Options for sharing include password protection. And, of course, the pastes will be deleted sometime later.9a. Imperial Library – the fun dark web libraryhttp://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion Tor website lists like to harp about Sci-Hub. They miss two vital points: it’s down (at the time of writing), and a clearnet version exists – you don’t need Tor to use it.Sci-Hub is mostly useful for academic types who know the PMID, DOI, or URLs of papers they want to access. At the same time, websites like the Imperial Library of Trantor store stuff that’s interesting to the broader public. Imperial Library is a public depository of scanned books. As a bonus, it’s administered by a guy with a Riseup email address. To date, nearly four hundred thousand books have been uploaded.9b. Comic Book Library – reading comics but on the dark webhttp://r6rfy5zlifbsiiym.onion Interested in comic books instead? There’s also the Comic Book Library, with entries dating back to the 1930s. Of course, like any such effort, the scans are of dubious legality.10. Tunnels – explore the literal university undergroundhttp://62gs2n5ydnyffzfy.onion http://74ypjqjwf6oejmax.onion And for the end, a slice of something completely different. Some of the more famous Tor websites are about exploring the tunnels in American universities.Infrastructure like that is both dangerous and illegal to access. That’s why urban explorers hosted their blogs on Tor. It also helps that said universities are heavily tech-related. IIT Underground – focused on Illinois Tech – is the smaller of the blogs. Beneath VT – that’s Virginia Tech – is more prominent. It provides more details on the tunnels as well as the dangers associated with them.The websites are a step above the usual Tor website design, too. They still look like something from the early aughts, though.The threats lurking in the dark webThe dark web is the Wild West of the internet – exciting to explore but can also be dangerous. Here are some threats you might run into:Scams. Since most of the websites are non-indexed and unregulated, the probability of running into scams is much greater. This is especially true if you’re trying to purchase anything illegal or questionable. Why? Because “Excuse me, officer, but the drugs I ordered on the dark web were never delivered to me” is a poor alibi. And even if you’re getting something that’s not illegal, there’s no reason for a vendor to ever remain in the dark web. In short, it’s bad for traffic and sales.Malicious software. Keyloggers, ransomware, phishing malware, and other types of malicious software are more common on the dark web. This happens because there are fewer rules for website quality. They often come with poor encryption standards (http) and get universally marked as suspicious by normal browsers. Simply visiting a website like that could get you into trouble with malware.Government monitoring. Sadly, the same goes for many Tor-based websites. Anything illegal or deemed potentially harmful by your local government is usually closely monitored. Simply visiting such a website could get you into trouble with authorities.That’s why, even if you use The Onion Router, it’s a good idea to use Tor over a VPN.Beef up your internet privacy even moreSo if you want to experience the dark web, these Tor websites are a good starting point. But you should be aware of the security dangers involved in using the Tor network.The fact that you’re using Tor is not hidden from your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) records. Keep your Tor browsing a secret by using Surfshark (it’s called Tor over VPN)! If necessary, it can even hide the fact that you’re using a VPN.Secure your data with a VPNBrowse the dark web privatelyGet Surfshark!Written byPijus JauniškisA privacy worrier with a knack for translating tech stuff into human languageRate and share this articleHand picked related articlesHow to use Tor, and is it safe to access the dark web?Aistė Jokšaitė in Cybersecurity, Internet Security2022, March 9 · 10 min readUsing Tor over a VPN: What, why and how?Pijus Jauniškis in VPN, Must-knows2021, January 6 · 7 min read

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browsers support page on Twitter confirms that Tor Project onion domains are now supported.Access to the Tor network is available in several different forms. Users may download Tor Browser, which is based on Firefox ESR, to browse any site including onion sites. Some browsers, Brave needs to be mentioned here, support Tor as well. Tor Browser is available for desktop operating systems and for Google's Android operating system.Tor uses encryption and other privacy and security features to protect user anonymity; this is done by routing the connection through a series of network nodes instead of connecting to sites directly. Tor is a popular solution when it comes to bypassing censorship or other attempts at blocking access to certain Internet sites and services.Additionally, it may unlock access to sites that are blocked when accessed via a regular browser.Twitter has been accessible via Tor already, but support for a dedicated .onion website takes it to the next level. Alex Muffett, who helped Twitter create the onion website, published details on the benefits of providing an onion site over allowing connections to a site via Tor on his personal website.According to him, onion websites improve authenticity and availability of sites. Clicking or typing the onion address guarantees that the correct site is accessed via Twitter. Muffet explains that onion sites mitigate attacks carried out on rogue Tor exit notes.The use of onion sites has other benefits, including the ability to bypass regional or national blocks of websites, protect against DNS censorship and TLS man-in-the-middle attacks, and SNI filters.In short: the new Twitter onion website mitigates several attack types when using the Tor network to access websites.Closing WordsThe launching of a dedicated onion website improves Twitter access and security for Tor users.Now You: do you use Tor to access sites?SummaryAdvertisement
Tor onion site
Tor Project выпустил новую версию Tor Browser 11.0 с обновленным дизайном интерфейса, в которой была прекращена поддержка сервисов V2 OnionTor Browser представляет собой модифицированную версию Firefox ESR, которая позволяет пользователям посещать Интернет анонимно, а также получать доступ к специальным доменам .onion в сети Tor.Вы можете скачать Tor Browser с нашего сайта. Также можно выполнить автоматическое обновление до новой версии, перейдя в меню > Справка > О Tor Browser.Скачать Tor BrowserЧто нового в Tor Browser 11Tor Browser 11 построен на базе Firefox ESR 91, а значит вы получаете новый пользовательский интерфейс с новыми иконками, новой панелью инструментов, обновленными меню и обновленным интерфейсом вкладок.Новые иконки Tor 11Самым крупным внутренним изменение стало удаление поддержки сервисов V2 Onion, коротких URL-адресов доменов сети Tor, использующих 16 символов.При попытке открыть сервис V2 Onion, Tor Browser теперь будет показывать сообщение «Недопустимый адрес сайта Onion» (Invalid Onionsite Address) с кодом ошибки 0xF6.В заметках к выпуску сообщается:В прошлом году мы объявили, что службы V2 Onion перестанут поддерживаться в конце 2021 года, и с выходом Tor Browser 10.5 стали предупреждать пользователей о завершении поддержки этих сервисов.И вот этот день настал. После обновления до Tor сервисы V2 Onion будут недоступны в браузере, и пользователи будут получать сообщение об ошибке «Недопустимый адрес сайта Onion».Хотя сайты V2 Onion больше не будут доступны в Tor Browser, администраторы могут перейти на службы V3 Onion, добавив следующие строки в файл torrc:HiddenServiceDir /full/path/to/your/hs/v3/directory/HiddenServicePort :Новая версия Tor Browser поставляется с несколькими известными ошибками:Ошибка 40668: связана с DocumentFreezer и файловой схемой.Ошибка 40671: отображение шрифтов.Ошибка 40679: отсутствующие функции при первом запуске в ESR 91 на MacOS.Ошибка 40689: изменение HTTP-метода провайдера поиска Blockchair.Ошибка 40667: видео AV1 отображается как поврежденные файлы в Windows 8.1.Ошибка 40677: с момента обновления до 11.0a9 некоторые надстройки неактивны и требуют отключения-повторного включения при каждом запуске.Ошибка 40666: переключение параметра svg.disable влияет на настройки NoScript.Ошибка 40690: сбои chrome при отключении режима приватного просмотра.Новая версия Tor Browser 11 доступна для скачивания на нашем сайте.Скачать Tor BrowserОбновления программ, что нового© Comss.one. По материалам Bleeping Computer